Social activities in English take place on weekends (twice a month). Activities may include happy hours, brunches, bowling and pool tournaments, cultural visits and sporting activities. Consult the latest social activities calendar below. Detailed information on scheduled activities is given only to registered members.  

Members can invite a guest to one A.P.P.E.A.L. event, as long as the guest agrees to express themself in English.


CALENDAR - Fall 2017

  November 5 Greek Lunch & Conference
  November 10 Discussion Lunch at Normandin
  November 24 Happy Hour & Games
  Nevember 26 Discussion Lunch at Normandin
  December 8 Discussion Lunch at Normandin
  December 7 Book Reading Group Meeting
  December 10 Xmas Brunch
  December 17 Discussion Lunch at Normandin



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